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24 Mar 1945

Laid down

1 Dec 1944


7 Jul 1944


Germaniawerft, Kiel,Yard 950


Sunk just prior to its commission on 9 April, 1945 in the Kilian bunker in Kiel. The boat is reported to be still there in early 2000.

Ağırlık=234 ton   Boy=34.68 m   En=3.02 m   S.Ç=3.66 m   M.G=630 HP   Hız=9.7 knot
Silahlar=2xTT  Personel=14-18   Dalabileceği max.Derinlik=180 metre

There were no direct attacks neither by the RAF nor the USAAF on "Kilian" until the night from April 9th to 10th when the RAF started its 81st attack on Kiel with 359 aircraft during which the heavy cruiser
Admiral Scheer was sunk and Admiral Hipper and Emden seriously damaged. Just 1000 m away the southern gate of the "Kilian" was destroyed by a bomb, its steel plates still lying on the harbour bottom. Inside the box the small U-4708 was lying close to the larger U-170 due to some testing works. There were 5 workers and 2 crew members on board. U-4708 was damaged by steel plates flying around and sprang a leak. The pressure within the box caused by the explosion was such intense that the instruments on board U-170 simulated a 40-m-dive for some minutes. All people in the box died immediately. U-4708 was pushed into the air, collided with the pier and sank within a few moments. Six of the men trapped on board managed to get into an air-bubble, three climbed from there into the tower and escaped in a hard struggle against the rising water, the bodies of the five other remained on board until today. The crew of U-170 rescued the survivors. U-170 managed to leave the box and then started producing electricity for the bombed Howaldtswerke-yard before leaving to Horten, Norway, on April 27th 1945. The last days of the war saw U-393, U-475, U-2512 and U-1162 in the base which was by then standing in an area of total destruction. The last air-raid was at midnight on May 2nd 45. Two hours later the u-boat crews were told to head to sea or blow up their ships. Some hours later U-475 was scuttled in the harbour, U-393 was attacked off Holnis, two men being killed, the other ships were scuttled off Flensburg shortly afterwards. After the war divers of the "Disposal Group" inspected the wreck of U-4708, and it was successfully identified as wreck "No. 28, new build no. 950". Attempts to raise the wreck with air pressure failed. On September 1st 1945 the Guardian Division engineers under the leadership of Lt. Col. EN Blickford started the preparations for blowing up the pen. It took three weeks to drill 288 holes and inject 0,57 kg explosives into each. 107 bombs with 113 kg explosives were also brought into the building and, maybe, some other ammunition. The merchant ship "Jan Wellem" was anchored in a distance of 120 m to protect the city from the expected flood wave. On October 25th the at least 12,3 t explosives detonated and caused not only the mid wall and the ceiling to be destroyed but cut off also the outer walls. Tons of concrete buried U-4708 and some small craft. In September 1959 also the remaining Southern entrance of "Kilian", which until then had still formed a fragmented gate was blown up due to its lag of stability by Harry Stallzus. Before this he raised a sunk Seehund midget boat in front of the pen, its machine doing further service until the 80s in his motor-boat "Hella". He also raised some steel and other scrap from the bottom. In 1989 some divers of the German navy inspected the underwater-world of "Kilian" in order to trace U-4708 but had serious difficulties to get to the wreck now being caught in a tunnel beneath the sunken ceiling and almost completely covered by mud in a depth of 8m.

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